Welcome to Online2Convert

The first blog post of Online2Convert

Welcome to Online2Convert
Welcome to Online2Convert

We are thrilled to share with you our latest updates, guides how to use our fantastic tool, latest updates on the converter world, etc.

The first post will cover what is Online2Convert.
Online2Convert is a free online converter tool. Let's analyse the key three words in the statement:

  1. Free: you can use the tool for free without limits and no charge. We will be including some premium packages in the near future, yet for now everything is free for everyone without any payment required.
  2. Online: you just need an internet connection to use the tool. Simply accessing www.online2convert.com will allow you to access all the tools available. There's no software download required, this means we won't be using any of your computer capacity to use the tool. All the processes happen in the cloud, and you simply download the final result in your computer/ mobile.
  3. Converter: the key word for the tool! We convert things, we convert your needs. The whole idea of the tool is to convert X to Y format. There are currently several tools available in the website within two big categories: Image Converter and PDF Converter. Let's check in details what tools are currently available:
    1. Image Converter
      1. HEIC to JPG
      2. PDF to JPG
      3. Compress Image
      4. Image to JPG
      5. JPG to Image
      6. GIF Maker
    2. PDF Converter
      1. Merge PDF
      2. Epub to PDF
      3. JPG to PDF
      4. PNG to PDF
      5. Word to PDF
      6. Excel to PDF
      7. PowerPoint to PDF
PDF Converte
Transform your files into PDF with ease

On the next posts we will be covering in detail what each of the converter tools does, and how to work with each one of them.
Moreover, we will bring additional tools in the near future to you, so stay tuned and keep reading our future blog posts.

Thank you for your support and all the best, O2C team