Cross-Platform File Conversion Made Easy: Discover the Top Features of Online2Convert

Effortlessly Convert and Share Files in the Cloud, with Safe and Secure Deletion - Available in Multiple Languages

Welcome back to the third blog post on Online2Convert.

On this post we will cover the key features present in the website, in order for you to understand how much work is behind the tool, and what capabilities are available for you.

  1. Sharing - once you have converted your files, O2C provides a sharing option where each conversion will have a distinctive QR code allowing you to share de newly created document with your contacts. You simply need to share the QR code, and your contact will be able to download the file automatically, and for free.
  2. Safe & Secure - after your conversion, your files will automatically be deleted after 2 hours. Nobody but you will have access to the files generated (unless you share them via QR code).
  3. Multiple platforms - O2C can be accessed via desktop, tablet and mobile. You simply need internet connection, and start converting your files towards your needs.
  4. Cloud conversions - all conversions are done through our server which is in the cloud. This means that no conversion will consume any of your computer, tablet or mobile capacity.
  5. Multiple downloads - we provide the feature to download multiple files at once, and in order to keep the download as fast as possible, we provide you with a ZIP file to save as much space as possible.

Extra feature: Did you know that O2C is available in 12 languages?

World - languages

We want to make the tool accessible worldwide, and language should not be a barrier. In case you would like to have an additional language added, please contact us on: and we will try to make it happen.

Thank you for your support and all the best,

O2C team